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FOREST TRACKS has a healthy back catalogue of recordings. We are currently digitally transferring them onto master CDs from the original master tapes. Although we intend to re-issue some on CD, others because of limited sales expectation will only be available to order.
A NEW SERVICE — Contact us with the title and number of the recording and we'll burn you a 'one off' copy with original cover artwork and notes.
We now have 11 BESPOKE CD-Rs available to order. All with original artwork/notes.
THE MELLSTOCK QUIRE FTB CD1 An attempt to show the nature and variety of the local music which influenced Thomas Hardy during his youth.
KELPERS AFTER ALL FTB CD2 Sung by Falkland Islander, Rock Berntsen, who now lives in Southampton. First issued in 1984 this CD features several songs written by Rock.
HARBOUR LITES FTB CD3 Southampton's Steel Band, formed in the late 60s, is still going strong. This was recorded in 1977. With traditional calypsos, newly composed tunes and a wide range of popular songs.
COLOUR BLIND FTB CD4 Featuring Bob Pearce Blues Band, was the first of our blues releases, issued in 1979.
FIRST TRACKS FTB CD5 was our first release in 1972 and featured several of the bands and performers that were active in the local folk clubs at that time. Its open minded mix of music laid a solid foundation for Forest Tracks.
UNDER SAILING ORDERS FTB CD6 features The Ragged Boys, who formed in 1982 to celebrate National Maritime Year. Released in 1982 this features thirteen sea songs, old and new, including bonus track: Donegal Danny.
JIMMY COOPER "IN CONCERT" FTB CD7 A re-issue of Jimmy's cassette issued 1988. These recordings of his solo concert at Pimperne Village Hall, c.1970., really showcase his great skill in playing the hammered dulcimer.
CONTRABAND - BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN FTB CD8 A re-issue of Graham Penny's cassette issued 1983. A popular singer/songwriter on the local folk scene at the time – 14 tracks including 'The Channels' and 'Beware Chalk Pit'.
HAMPSHIRE A MUSICAL PORTRAIT FTB CD9 A re-issue of this popular LP issued 1979. Featuring several well known performers – 13 tracks including a bonus instrumental, recorded for the album but not issued due to lack of space.
THE FLOUR OF THE FOREST FTB CD10 was produced for the Eling Tide Mill Trust in 1980 as part of a fund-raising campaign to complete the restoration of the mill. This is the first time it has been available in the FT catalogue.
THE WOOLSTON FERRY FTB CDS1 was written by Southampton songsmith Mike Sadler (a.k.a Gutta Percha) back in the 1960s as Southampton’s answer to ‘Ferry Cross The Mersey’.