A wealth of tunes on the hammer dulcimer

Jimmy Cooper

CD-R Re-issue in DVD case with 7 extra tracks and revised notes

25 tracks • 61 minutes • Re-issued 2003

Jimmy Cooper, the virtuoso dulcimer player, came from Coatbridge, near Glasgow, but at the time these recordings were made in 1976, he was sixty nine, retired and living at Ferndown, Dorset with his wife, Sadie.

At one time Jimmy's dulcimers had lain under the bed for 20 years, but to hear him on these recordings you could think the hammers had never left his hands: every note is where it should be - quite a feat with 70 or 80 strings to hit – and exactly on time, placed with sureness and absolute mastery.

We have on this CD a typical repertoire of popular and traditional tunes from a working musician playing for and in his community. Buy a copy and enjoy listening to a master musician playing them in his unique dynamic style

"…This was a man who, despite his 69 years at the time of recording, could play the hammered dulcimer better than anyone I've heard - a splendid record, and heartily recommended ."Rod Stradling - Musical Traditions

Originally issued as an LP in 1977.

£12.50 (inc p+p UK)