No Quibble Guarantee

Recent academic research has discovered that data stored on CD-R may not be as permanent as first thought.

Originally claimed to last for centuries, discovering that some CD-Rs/DVD-Rs are unreadable after a number of years is causing problems worldwide, particularly with so many used for back ups of sensitive data.

This link explains the problem.

Forest Tracks was one of the first record labels to offer a bespoke service, and we have been producing bespoke CD-Rs for over fifteen years. The CD-Rs are 'burned' on professional equipment on Grade A disc stock, and out of the hundreds we have produced we have only ever had a few returned as 'unplayable'. They were replaced immediately.

We pride ourself on offering a friendly, personal service and want you to enjoy listening to our CDs for many years to come.

Should you be one of the unlucky people that find that your Forest Tracks CD-R will not play in the future, just pop the original disc (not the case, etc.) into a jiffy bag with a return address explaining the problems, and send it back to the address on the inlay. We will check it and if faulty send you a replacement disc asap.

NOTE: CD-Rs are produced by burning (heating) the dye layer which stores the digital information with a small laser beam in CD burner.

Whilst the reasons for data loss on some CD-Rs is still being researched, it is believed that subjecting them to strong heat and light can cause problems.

If CD-Rs are regularly left in in-car CD players after being played, left in direct sunlight or on other sources of heat, the dye layer can be adversely affected and the digital data contained on the disc degraded or in some cases lost, meaning the CD-R will no longer play.