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Jimmy Cooper- Dulcimer Player Track List
Jimmy Cooper - Dulcimer Player

High Level Hornpipe/Cork Hornpipe/Harvest Home/Under The Double Eagle

Amazing Grace/Scotland The Brave/The Barren Rocks Of Aden/Bluebells Of Scotland/Atholl Highlanders

Schön Rosmarin

The Bonnie Lass of Bon Accord

Daisy, Daisy/Sweet Llittle Dickie Bird/I'll Be Your Sweetheart/If Those lips Could Only Speak/I Don't Work For A Living

Cuckoo Waltz

Dulcimer Duet with David Kettlewell: Bluebell Polka/Soldier's Joy

Danny Boy/With My Shillelagh Under My Arm/If You're Irish Come Into The Parlour/Irish Washerwoman

Stranger On The Shore

The Laird of Drumblair/Road to The Isles/Phil the Fluter's Ball

The Robin's Return

Isle Of The Capri /Play To Me Gypsy

The Blackthorn Stick/Connaughtman's Rambles/Father O' Flynn

Mandoline Seranade/Limelight

Old Folks At Home/Golden Slippers/O'Susannah

Coming Through The Rye/Wi' A 100 Piper's/O'er The Stream To Charlie

When Life's Dream Is O'er

Meet Mr Callaghan/Silver Threads Among The Gold/ Moonlight And Roses

Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms

Ye Banks of Ye Braes/79th Farewell To Gibraltar

After The Ball/In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree/Old Bull And Bush

Mona Lisa/Wheels

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