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Waiting For The Leaves Track List
Waiting For The Leaves

CD1 Albert's Gang

Albert The Seagull

Mr Stephenson's Rocket

Down Our Street

I'm A Fisherman

Lymington Round and Round

My Brother Edward

The Pond At The End Of Dustbin Lane

Festival Song

Shake The Dust Off My Feet

Sitting At The End Of The Pier
Ornamental Gardens
Like A Lady
Miniature Submarine
Albert & Alberta
She Came Riding By
The Mary Rose
Bank Holiday Carnival Fair
It's Always Five To Three In Helen's Room
Talking / Geoffrey, The Man-Eating Jelly
This World Goes Round And Round

CD2 Waiting For The Leaves

Waiting For The Leaves

Tall Ships

Fawley Flame

Westminster Morning - Roger Moss

If and When

Sitting At Tables

Mousetrap Rag - Roger Moss

Geoffrey, The Man-Eating Jelly

As Far As I Can See

My Imagination Often Wanders
Sally's Paper Flowers
Flying Things
Drivin' Home - Roger Moss
Monday Morning
Lymington Round And Round/Perfect Days
A Piece Of String
Backdated Number
Lot 23
The Second Time Around
November Song
Tomorrow's Sunshine
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