Songs of a Falkland Islander

Rock Berntsen
Kelpers After All

Bespoke CD-R

12 tracks • 51 minutes • Re-issued 2003
Rock Berntsen - vocals and guitar; Bill Eddie- fiddle; Tom Cozens - Accordion; Dave White - guitar and vocals; John McConville - lead guitar and vocals;
Mike Berntsen - guitar

Rock Berntsen, who wrote most of the songs, lives where many expatriate Falklanders live - Southampton, where he was a familiar face on Southampton's folk scene during the 1980s. This CD features songs about his homeland, his journey to Southampton and the Falklands War

By day Rock works for a job search organisation. By night he can be found singing and playing his guitar around the pubs and folk clubs of the South.

Kelpers After All, the title song by Jim King, sums up the whole life style of the average kelper and his constant battle for survival. Weekends and summer evenings, when in many countries men fish, play golf or just go for a beer, the kelper fights the elements with peat dirt in his eye

Originally issued as an LP in 1984.

£12 (inc p+p UK)