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George Blake's Legacy
George Blake's Legacy
FTCD 209
02. 'Twas Over Hills
03. The Orange and The Blue (instrumental)
and Our Queen (toast)
04. Here's Adieu to all Judges and Juries
05. The Broken Down Gentleman
06. Rosemary Lane
07. My Bonny, Bonny Boy
08. Jealousy
09. My True Love is Lost (instrumental)
10. In a British Man O' War
12. Sir Hugh (instrumental)
13. I am A Sailor
15. The Jolly Highwayman
16. George Blake's Alphabet (recitation)
17. Forty Long Miles (instrumental)
18. Maria
19. Charles Dickson
20. Attention Give Both High and Low
21. Colin and Phoebe
22. George Collins
23. The Lost Lady Found (instrumental)
24. Adieu to Old England
25. The Rocks of Scilly
26. Churches & Chapels (toast)
and A Virgin Most Pure (instrumental)
28. To Drink (toast) & Drink Old England Dry

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