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The Mellstock Quire Track List
The Mellstock Quire
Keith Dandridge (vocals);
Barbara Duggan (fiddle and vocals); Megan Edwards (cello and vocals); Nigel Grice (clarionet, melodeon, whistle);
Caroline Jackson-Houlston (vocals); Mary Kirkpatrick (oboe);
Pete Moran (fiddle);
Fiona Piall (flute);
Tony Snell (vocals);
Dave Townsend (serpent, percussion);
Jon Witcher (vocals).
    'Twas Down in Cupid's Garden
    Behold The Morning Star
    The Break O' The day
    Jockey To The Fair
    Scilly Rocks
    O Jan! O Jan! O Jan!
    Gown of Green
    The Copenhagen Waltz/The Hungarian Waltz
    O What Unbounded Goodness
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The versions played and sung here come from: Manuscripts formerly owned by the Hardy family, Manuscripts in Puddletown Church, Typescript of "English and County Songs' (22 folksongs without tunes, of various sorts, collected locally by Hardy.), The Song Book 1886, ed. John Hullah, Folk Songs from the Dorset Area, collected by H.E.D. Hammond between 1905-07, mostly from people of Hardy's age or older. We have collated songs found within a 20 mile radius of Dorchester with Hardy's versions. The text of 'O Jan' is taken from a typescript with manuscript additions by Hardy, in the Thomas Hardy Memorial Collection.
The arrangments are either taken directly fron these sources, as with the carols, or made in the same style as those found in the family books or similar compilations of the period.
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