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You're On Nipper! Track List
You're On Nipper!
FT2CD 201


The Powder Monkey

Three Lovely Lasses from Banyon

Talkin' Blues

Waltz: Ceilito Lindo

As I Went Down In The Valley To Pray

The Grand Old Duke of York

Goodbye Horse

The Lowlands of Holland

Brahm's Cradle Song

Waltz: American Patrol
Love Is Something If You Give It Away
It's Not Pleasant or Delightful
Marilyn Monroe
Waltz: The Foggy Dew
Flutterby Butterfly
Jig: The Man Who Broke The Bank at Monte Carlo
The Mermaid
No Sir, No Sir!
Morris Jig: The Royal Oak
Pretty Saro
It's Hard, Ain't It Hard
All Through The Beer
Jig: Blaydon Races/Oh Mr Porter
The Women of Leigh
The Old Sow
Scarlet Fever/The Reason Why I Wear The Kilt
The Banks of The Ohio
The Oggie Song/The Blackbird


The Common Market

Sheridan Fenwick

They're Burning Down The House I Was Brung Up In

Marches: My Grandfather's Clock/Golden Slippers

The Old Baby Farmer

The Watercress Line

Maids when you're young never wed an old man

Blow the Candle Out

Rolling In The Dew

Widecombe Fair
If I Were A Blackbird
Schottische: Soldier's Joy
Poem: Past Our House And Down To Eling
Green Broom
Hang Me, Oh Hang Me
Jig: The Oyster Girl
The Streams of Lovely Nancy
Fire In The Fields
Underneath The Spreading Chestnut Tree
While The Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping
Where The Strawberries Used To Grow
March: The Farmer's Boy
The Owslebury Lads
Knees Up Mother Brown
Remember Me
Music Hall and Popular Song Medley
Flaming June
The Woolston Ferry
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