Annie Winter, Anna Baldwin and Bob Askew have a special interest in singing Hampshire songs. Bob Askew has researched the songs of George Gardiner and presents talks. Annie Winter and Anna Baldwin have learned many Hampshire songs. Together with Bob, they have formed the group Amsher to perform songs from Hampshire’s rich heritage of traditional song.

Amsher sing traditional folk songs from localities all over Hampshire. They maintain that Hampshire's own songs are a wonderful heritage which deserve to be heard more.

They have performed individually and collectively all over the county, and are happy to perform in any Hampshire venue. They shape their wide repertoire of songs and talks to suit their place of performance. Amsher also take Hampshire songs to festivals in other counties.

Amsher produced a CD in 2014:

Amsher Sings Hampshire Songs

All the songs on this CD were noted by George Gardiner in Hampshire 1905-1909

Blow The Man Down
Young Collins
Sweet Lovely Joan
Three Jolly Sportsmen
John Barleycorn
At The Dawning of the Day
Prickly Bush
Abroad As I was Walking
Seventeen Come Sunday
Lady Maisry
It's Of A Young Shopkeeper
Our Captain Cried All Hands
The Blue Cockade
Riding Down To Portsmouth

The CD costs just £8 and can be obtained direct from either Annie or Bob.

Anna has sinced moved away so Amsher is no longer regularly performing. They do get together for Gardiner related events whenever possible. Bob is available for talks and can be contacted at

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