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26th/27th FEBRUARY 2010
A weekend to celebrate and commemorate the work of George B. Gardiner, who died 100 years ago, on the 19th January, 1910.

Friday, 26th February, 2010

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Saturday, 27th February, 2010

This unique concert and exhibition of old photographs was staged to celebrate the work of Dr. George B. Gardiner, who travelled through Hampshire between 1905 -1909 collecting folk songs.

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Having collected some songs in Cornwall and Somerset, George Gardiner moved on to work in Hampshire and arrived in Twyford, near Winchester in June 1905. He referred to Twyford as “my first happy hunting ground in Hampshire.” There he collected eleven songs and two carols. In that same month he noted songs in Hursley, Itchen Abbas, Cheriton, Alresford, Ropley and Bishop’s Sutton and continued his search for songs during the summer.

He returned to Hampshire for the next four years, each time moving further afield, until by 1909 he had covered most of the county and collected over 1200 songs.

During the afternoon - 12noon-5pm - there was an exhibition of 70 old photographs of Twyford and surrounding area, covering the period 1895-1925. There were also display boards, researched and designed by Paul Marsh, featuring some of the customs and traditions of Twyford. Over 150 people came to look at the exhibition, many from the village.

At 2.30pm there was a Harmony Workshop, run by Craig; Morgan; Robson - the outstanding a-capella harmony group. Moira, Carolyn and Sarah explained how they arrange folk songs for multiple voices. Over 45 people came along and enjoyed the opportunity to join in and sing one of the songs that Gardiner collected.

The Evening Concert featured locally and nationally known singers and musicians - Geoff Jerram, Ron Coe, Craig; Morgan; Robson and The Madding Crowd - all of whom have been performing and championing the work of Gardiner for many years.
The concert was a sell out and much enjoyed by all. The performers had generously offered to come along for expenses only and proceeds of £250 was paid to the Parish Hall Fund.

If you came along to the Gardiner event at Twyford and took photographs we would love to have copies, both for our archives and to include on the gallery.

Please email centenarypics@forest-tracks.co.uk if you have photographs you are willing to share.

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