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It would be impossible to list all useful links, here are just a few:

The Singing Landscape Project in Hampshire

Visit the Hampshire Folk Map website: here

Forest Tracks. Visit our host for recordings of Hampshire singers and songs old and new, here.


George B. Gardiner
Biographical information can be found here and here.

Henry Hammond:
Biographical information can be found here.

Alice E. Gillington:
For further information on Alice Gillington's life read the article Dweller on the Roughs by Mike Yates and Steve Roud, published in the Folk Music Journal 2006 here.

Francis Jeykll
Lewis Jones' article, published in English Dance and Song in June 2000, is no longer available online. There is some biographical information on Francis Jeykll here.

George Heywood Sumner
Biographical information can be found here and here. Mike Yates has written an article on the songs collected by Heywood Sumner. Read it here.

Ralph Vaughan Williams:
Biographical information can be found here and here.
Vaughan Williams Memorial Library here.

Lucy E. Broadwood:
Biographical information can be found here and here.

Alan Lomax:
Biographical information can be found here and here.

Bob Copper:
For further information read Alun Howkins' article on Bob in the Folk Music Journal 2005 here.
The Copper Family's Music can be seen here
Information about Bob's book – Songs and Southern Breezes - here.

Gwilym Davies:
More information here.

Paul Marsh:
More information here.


English Folk Dance and Song Society
For over one hundred years the English Folk Dance and Song Society has worked to record, develop and promote the folk music, dance, song and traditions of our country. On this site you will find information about the Society, what it is and what it does. Everyone with a love of, or an interest in, the traditional folk music, dance, song and traditions of England is elegible to become a member of the Society. Link here.

Vaughan Williams Memorial Library
VWML Online is the official website for the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, the library and archive of the English Folk Dance and Song Society. Link here.

Steve Roud's database of songs:
The Roud Folk Song Index is a database of 143,000 references to songs that have been collected from oral tradition in the English language from all over the world. Link here.

Folkopedia : A 'Wiki' dedicated to the Folk Arts of England and beyond. Recently launched by the EFDSS as a resource for teachers, students and enthusiasts. Link here.

Peter Higginbotham is the creator of this web site which, at the last count, contained over 2000 web pages, 5000 photos and illustrations, and 1500 maps and plans. There's nothing else like it - a fascinating and important resource. Link here.

Hampshire Record Office: here.
Hampshire Record Office has many resources online including an image search facility. Just follow this link: catalogue (you need the 'image search' option).

The Traditional Song Forum
Their website is intended to be a gateway to a number of useful resources for those interested in researching or performing traditional folk songs. It is also a record of the Forum'sactivity since it was founded in 1997. Link here.

Broadside Ballads:
The National Library of Scotland's online collection of nearly 1,800 broadsides lets you see for yourself what 'the word on the street' was in Scotland between 1650 and 1910. Crime, politics, romance, emigration, humour, tragedy, royalty and superstitions - all these and more are here.

The Contemplator's Short History of Broadside Ballads can be viewed here. Note: A tune plays immediately on entering. To avoid a shock reduce your speaker volume first

The Phonograph
Learn about this portable recording device - the cutting edge technology of its day -that allows us to hear some of the singers collected by Gardiner 100 years ago. Link here.

Cylinder Recordings: A Primer: here.

English Folk and Traditional Music on the Internet:
Martin Nails evergrowing guide to resources. Packed with information and hundreds of links this must be the best place to start your research. Link here.

Musical Traditions : The online and much updated version of the magazine, Musical Traditions, established in 1983 by Keith Summers which was 'Devoted to new perspectives on traditional music'. Edited by Rod Stradling it is an invaluable resource which has successfully embraced the benefits of online publishing whilst keeping to the spirit of Keith's original concept. Link here.

Southern Counties Folk Federation
For information on local singers, the clubs and festivals where they can be heard and much more. Click here.

The Mudcat Cafe and The Digital Tradition
Online folk and blues community with discussion groups, a record shop and an archive of over 9000 songs submitted by 'Mudcatters' to the Digital Tradition. If you have a question about folk and blues this site may well have the answer. Link here.