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at Petersfield Community Centre. Saturday, 18th September, 2010
Featuring: Pitchpole Jack and guests, Tangle, Anne Winter and Anna Baldwin.

Put on by the Hampshire Songs Group, the concert featured a variety of songs collected from all over Hampshire, but focused on Petersfield and the surrounding area. Many of the songs performed were collected by George Gardiner 100 years ago. More recently, Gwilym Davies, of Pitchpole Jack, tape-recorded local singers, so we also heard some of those songs in their home area again.

The local newspaper The Petersfield Post ran an article about George Gardiner and his collecting of songs in and around Petersfield. The article was based on information submitted by HSG founder Bob Askew. To read the article in PDF format click here.
The Post's entertainments editor Katherine Wootton came to the concert and published a review in The Petersfield Post. To read the article in PDF format click here.

Gwilym Davies launched his new book A Hampshire Collection at the Concert. It contains words and music to songs and tunes he collected in Hampshire during the 1970s. More info here

Paul Marsh videoed the concert. He has edited it into individual performances which can be seen by clicking on each link below. The lighting was far from ideal and the videos have been reduced in size to reduce loading time.
Please respect copyright and don't upload these to sharing websites such as YouTube and Vimeo, instead encourage people to view the videos here on Hampshire Voices.

Click for VIDEOS OF THE PETERSFIELD CONCERT, 18th September 2010

Titles and Bob Askew introduces...


Anna Baldwin sings Nancy

3 Bob Askew talks about The Hampshire Songs Group and introduces... 6m.20s
4 Anne Winter sings The Cruel Ship's Carpenter 4m.33s
5 Anne Winter sings Sheepcrook and Black Dog 4m.32s
6 Anne Winter sings He Was Under My Window 6m.20s
7 Anne Winter sings Abroad As I Was Walking 5m.04s
8 Bob Askew introduces... 3m.02s
9 Tangle sing Rural Sport 2m.51s
10 Tangle sing We'll Drink, Smoke and Sing 3m.17s
11 Tangle sing Down By The Riverside 5m.46s
12 Tangle sing High Germany 2m.52s
13 Tangle sing The White Cockade 4m.14s
14 Tangle sing Three Jolly Sneaksmen 5m.33s
15 Haden Dodd and John Dodd sing Fathom The Bowl and An Acre Of Land 5m.51s
16 Pitchpole Jack sing Through The Groves 4m.21s
17 Pitchpole Jack sing Swansea Town 5m.03s
18 Paul Marsh sings Joan's Ale 4m.03s
19 Paul Marsh plays Glockenspiel Polka, Wild Bill Hiscock's and Sam's Scottische 7m.49s
20 Pitchpole Jack sing The Jolly Herring 5m.47s
21 Pitchpole Jack play George's Stepdances with Jo and Simon Harmer 6m.17s
22 Pitchpole Jack sing Limbo 5m.08s
23 Pitchpole Jack sing Green Grows The Laurel 5m.24s
Pitchpole Jack also performed John Barleycorn, Tom Barbary and a set of local dance tunes, but due to technical problems these were not recorded.

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