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The Singing Landscape Project in Hampshire - Do you have a singing ancestor?

One of the most important projects of its kind ever undertaken in Hampshire to bring together the very essence of Hampshire's heritage has now been completed.

Yvette Staelens, senior lecturer in Heritage and Museum Studies at Bournemouth University, and Dr Chris Bearman, from Bournemouth University masterminded "The Singing Landscape" project which has produced The Hampshire Folk Map.

The Hampshire Folk Map brings together the many different elements that make up Hampshire's folk heritage. Launched on February 26th, 2010 it uses Dr. Gardiner's collection as an integral part of the project, which aims to safeguard the rich vein of music and song that runs through the length and breadth of the county for future generations.

Click here for photos/video from the launch

Folk Maps are free and can be picked up from Libraries and Museums across Hampshire. There are also supplies at Hampshire County Museum & Library Service HQ at Chilcomb House, Winchester. Should you have difficulty tracking down a copy please let me know.

For a link to a PDF of the Hampshire Folk Map click here

Yvette, who, together with Chris, oversaw the Hampshire Folk Map project, said:"Many of us will have singing ancestors and perhaps not even know it. This project gives people a chance to find out who they were, where they lived, what they sang, sometimes even what they looked like."

Names on the list include Moses Blake, a labourer who lived in Lyndhurst, Moses Mills, a farm labourer at Preston Candover, Thomas Cooper, a fisherman on the River Itchen, Richard Hall, head carpenter on Avington estate, George Macklin, a bricklayer in Basingstoke and William Alberry, taxidermist and hairdresser at Petersfield - all recorded during the 1901 census.

For a full list of the singers (PDF), compiled from the research of Yvette and Chris, click here.

Blacksmith and Farmer Thomas Hounsome, b.1858, pictured with his family outside his forge at The Dean, Alresford. Thomas sang Gardiner one song during his first visit to Alresford in 1905.

We would love to find similar photographs of Gardiner's singers.
Moses Mills, b.1826,
a farm labourer,
of Preston Candover.
Moses sang Gardiner 24 songs in July 1907.

2010 was the centenary of Gardiner's death and to complement the publication of the Hampshire Folk Map there were other events and concerts to highlight his work.

The Hampshire Folk Map follows a similar, highly successful, Folk Map in Somerset which Yvette and Chris oversaw. The Somerset Folk Map featured the work of one of England's best known folk song collectors, Cecil Sharp. You can view a PDF of the Somerset Folk Map here
Yvette and Chris have also produced a Gloucestershire Folk Map. A PDF can be found here

Although the Hampshire Folk Map has been produced we are still very interested to hear from anyone who can add to the biographical information on the singers.

Maybe you have a family story, or a photograph, maybe a birth, marriage or death certificate. Anything you might be able to share that could help us understand these singers and their lives would be fantastic to receive."

email: folkmap@forest-tracks.co.uk

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