Created in partnership with leading academic institutions, The Full English is an English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) project that brings together over 44,000 records and over 58,000 digitised images from the archives of 19 of the most important and influential collectors in the UK for the first time. These have been conserved, catalogued, digitized and uploaded to the most comprehensive free searchable digital archive of English folk songs, tunes, dances and customs in the world.

You can now browse through the manuscript collections of Harry Albino, Janet Blunt, Lucy Broadwood, George Butterworth, Clive Carey, Francis Collinson, the Hammond brothers, George Gardiner, Anne Gilchrist, Percy Grainger, Maud Karpeles, Frank Kidson, Mary Leather, Thomas Fairman Ordish, Frank Sidgwick, Cecil Sharp, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Alfred Williams – from anywhere in the world, online.

Dr. George Gardiner is the most prolific and best known of those that collected songs in Hampshire, but Henry Hammond and Ralph Vaughan Williams also collected in Hampshire. All were active in the early 1900s.

This vast resource can be daunting and tricky to navigate. It helps if you have a specific search ie a song title, a singer or location in mind. To see a list of the singers Gardiner collected from by location click on The Singers link.

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Folk songs, singing games and dances, from the archives of the EFDSS’s Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, have been taken into primary schools in London, Hampshire and Lancashire; including areas they were originally collected 100 years ago.

The results of this can be heard on the website below.

A new website: has been launched containing many downloadable written, audio and visual resources for using folk songs in schools. It links to the Fun with Folk website.