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Field Recordings of Folk Songs and Traditional Music recorded by Ken Stubbs between 1959 and 1980


Updated 14-04-2016

The Ken Stubbs Collection - 21 reels of 4-track tape
has been digitised by Paul Marsh.

Whenever people wanted to listen to his recordings Ken was always willing to oblige.
His tapes have been borrowed by a small number of people over the years, many of whom
made copies of just the recordings they were interested in.

Something needed to be done with Ken’s tapes before they deteriorated any further,
so I offered to digitise his complete collection. I suggested to Ken that some of it would be issued
on CD-R on the Forest Tracks label, which I run, and I would also make his collection
available as MP3s via the internet in due course. He was delighted.

Ken was very happy for his original recordings to be released through Forest Tracks.
We are pleased and proud to be honouring his wish.

The first of the CD-R releases can be found by clicking on the title below

"A-Swinging Down The Lane - The Willett Family

Tom Willett, Chris Willett, Ben Willett, Tom Willett jnr and Noah Willett

43 tracks of unaccompanied songs and fragments of songs recorded by Ken Stubbs
on location in Middlesex, Kent and Sussex between 1960-1962

including recordings that inspired Topic Records to record and issue The Roving Journeymen 12T84

There will be no further CD releases of Ken's Collection but all of it will be freely accessible as MP3s on the internet. This is still being worked on but it is hoped to have this available in Summer 2016.