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Field Recordings of Folk Songs and Traditional Music recorded by Ken Stubbs between 1959 and 1980



English Folk Dance and Song Society – National archive and resource centre for folk music, dance and song. EFDSS and the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regent's Park Road, London. NW1 7AY.

THE ROUD FOLK SONG INDEX and The Roud Broadside INDEX – Compiled by Steve Roud. Both indexes can be found on the EFDSS Vaughan Williams’ Memorial Library website:

THE FULL ENGLISH DIGITAL ARCHIVE – Records and images from the archives of 19 of the most important and influential collectors in the UK. This is the most comprehensive searchable database of English folk songs, tunes, dances and customs in the world.

MUSICAL TRADITIONS – Much respected online magazine celebrating all aspects of traditional music, from all parts of the world. Musical Traditions also issue field recordings.

Topic Records – Topic have been issuing traditional and contemporary folk music, from English, Scottish & Irish folk singers & musicians for over 70 years. Their impressive catalogue includes many classic, influential and definitive folk and traditional albums, including the Voice of the People CD anthologies and they are releasing their back catalogue as digital downloads. See for more details.

VETERAN – Veteran have issued traditional folk music from England and Ireland since 1987. They also offer a mail order service for CDs of English, Irish and Scottish traditional music and singing as well as books and DVDs, and the full catalogues of several labels. See their complete catalogue at

MUDCAT – The Mudcat Cafe is an online discussion group and song and tune database, which also includes many other features relating to folk music. Advanced Lyrics & Knowledge Search and Digital Tradition is a database containing the words and music to thousands of folk songs. Threads with references to Ken can be found by putting his name into the search box on Mudcat: