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Field Recordings of Folk Songs and Traditional Music recorded by Ken Stubbs between 1959 and 1980



Some of Ken's recordings have been issued on Boscastle Breakdown (LP 12T240 1974); Ye Subjects of England (LP 12T286 1976) and the Voice of the People 20 CD series (TSCD651-670 1998), but the vast majority of his collection has not been issued.

Forest Tracks has issued the first release from Ken's Collection on CD-R:

The first of the CD-R releases can be found by clicking on the title below

"A-Swinging Down The Lane - The Willett Family

Tom Willett, Chris Willett, Ben Willett, Tom Willett jnr and Noah Willett

43 tracks of unaccompanied songs and fragments of songs from members of a settled English Romany family that had travelled and worked throughout the South-East of England.

Recorded by Ken Stubbs on location in Middlesex, Kent and Sussex between 1960-1962. Includes recordings that inspired Topic Records to record and issue the groundbreaking LP The Roving Journeymen 12T84 in 1962.

We have decided that there will be no further CD releases of Ken's Collection on Forest Tracks but all of it will be freely accessible as MP3s on the internet. Click on the
MP3 Files page for further information.

In 1970 The Life of a Man, 50 songs collected by Ken Stubbs, was published by EFDS Publications Ltd. It is out of print but copies can sometimes be found on the web. For more information and a list of the songs: